Apple Jelly baby

Everything in the hedges and garden are ripening and ready for picking so it is the season to pickle and preserve. Today I’ve been making Apply Jelly.  Two batches, one batch I’ve added fresh mint to eat with lovely lamb roasts in the winter and to the second batch I’ve added Fresh chilli’s and ginger…

I did something good today

Squeamish alert, I gave blood. First time in ages but this whole terrorism thing set me off again and in Manchester they had a shortage I believe. I’ve got O Negative blood type which is the universal donor blood so it’s good for all to receive. Get on line and book an appointment they are…

Stars fall from the sky

I find some funny things in the garden here on the cliff, for instance I’ve never bought a tennis ball for Tilly Dog but we have about half a dozen under bushes and lurking on the lawn.  Foxes seem to be the main suspect as they like a shoe as well, if you leave them…

10% Off

Yes that’s right I’ve now lost 10% of my total body weight,still some to but getting there.

We’re definitely coming in!

Peggy and Dory make a bid to move into the house, they are getting cheekier and cheekier but Tilly Dog is not liking the invasion and keeps chasing them out, no feathers shed yet.